Our beautiful new range of Gotland sheepskin rugs come from a unique breed of sheep that are exclusive to the Swedish island of Gotland. Highly sought after for their incredible quality and rare nature, these skins are the perfect combination of style, comfort, and practicality.

The Gotland sheep is a medium-sized domestic animal, therefore each piece will be approximately 115cm x 65cm, thereby making them the perfect size to be utilised as floor accents or couch throws. They are coveted worldwide for their heavy, thickset bases that are topped with magnificent, silky tight piled curls. 

Each piece is entirely unique as we work only with natural skins and do not alter their colourings or markings in any way, ensuring that your purchase truly is yours alone. You will see variations of the Gotlands signature charcoals, browns, creams, and greys running through each pelt alongside their distinctive, natural black birth colouring. While they will retain their supple and lustrous look and feel for years to come, we do recommend placing our rugs in a low-traffic area to ensure that they remain in their optimal state. If you do find the fur becoming flattened, a gentle wide-toothed comb will revert it back to its original height. 

Free from allergens, fragrances, and chemicals, our Gotlands are suitable for any environment or occasion; the dreamiest touch to a bedroom or nursery, an ideal gift for the person who already has everything, or a purchase of self-love to sink your toes into after a long day - these beauties will always have you covered.