Don’t believe the rumours – you can take it with you! At least, you can with our hides! We are thrilled to offer our genuine leather in an accessible and portable manner; ideal for taking you from day to night on any occasion, our leather clutches will truly make you stand out from the crowd.

With dimensions of 26cm x 20cm, an inner zip pocket, eight card slots and removable wrist strap, our leather clutches are designed for style and functionality. Featuring a gorgeous, genuine leather panelled exterior (double-sided!), the authentic leather interiors of our clutches continue the feeling of luxurious space and style. All of our natural materials are sourced from an independent and ethical wholesaler in India and are handpicked and custom designed by us, for you.

Sturdy contrasting stitching ensures that no details have been overlooked in this design.

While you may experience some natural wear on your clutch over time for use, they are sturdy and easy to care for. If your clutch comes into contact with anything that may stain it, we recommend gently spot-cleaning the affected area with a slightly damp sponge. Then, leave your clutch to dry in a cool, shaded spot. For more information on how to keep your hide in top shape, visit our Cleaning + Care page.