Sheepskin rugs have many natural health benefits and properties that set them far and apart from standard, synthetic floor coverings. With each individual strand of hair containing a three-dimensional spiralling crimp that acts as a miniature spring, our rugs are both soft and supportive; this allows weight to be distributed evenly across the surface of the rug, meaning your rug will be looking fresh while caring for your aching limbs day after day. Natural wicking within the fibres repels moisture, and the organic presence of lanolin means our rugs are gentle on all skin types. Hypoallergenic and containing properties that promote healthy body temperature regulation and blood circulation, sheepskin is renowned for bolstering overall health and wellbeing. Our Icelandic sheepskins are the pinnacles of luxury underfoot; the breed boasts an especially thick and soft fleece, with individual hairs as long as 15cm.

Each of our sheepskin rugs is unique; no two are alike. Due to this, the product that you receive may differ slightly in size, colour, and shape to the image shown here. Generally speaking, the majority of our sheepskin rugs are approximately 120cm x 80cm.

With the right care, your sheepskin will have no trouble maintaining its gorgeous, fluffy appearance. For minor scuffs and spots, spot-clean your rug with a sponge that is wet with fresh, warm water, being sure not to use any detergents, soaps, or chemicals. Following this, allow the rug to dry in a cool, shady spot. To retain the soft and bouncy structure of the wool, run a coarse wired brush through it, and shake to dislodge any dirt or crumbs. For further information on how to keep your sheepskin in excellent condition, visit our Cleaning + Care page.