A perfect mix of statement and subtlety, our cowhide cushion covers have been designed to blend seamlessly into your décor while providing a touch of elegance.

Understated luxury, our cushions are composed of entirely natural materials with both sides showcasing unique cowhide patchwork. Built for both longevity and style, the concealed zipper of the cushion ensures a smooth and continuous surface, pleasing for both the eye and the sleepy head. A natural deterrent of dust, pollen, and allergens, our cowhides are sourced directly from our hand-chosen suppliers in South America, known for their ethical business practices and industry independence.

Each cushion is entirely unique and genuine, and with our specifically chosen dimensions of 35cm x 50cm, our cowhide cushions – whether you are after an array of decorative surfaces or just the one pop - will serve as both means of comfort and functional artwork.

Easy to care for, our hide cushions can be gently vacuumed or shaken to rid them of crumbs or dirt. For stains and spills, our cushions can be gently spot-cleaned using a slightly damp sponge and left to dry. For more information on how to keep your hide in top shape, visit our Cleaning + Care.

Note: Cushion insert not included.

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