Soft, silky, and sophisticated, our calf hides are an excellent finishing touch to any space. As with our larger rugs, our calf hides are the perfect combination of luxury, style, and warmth.

With each of our products sourced from independent, ethical wholesalers based in South America, when you purchase one of our calf hides, you are guaranteed a product that is both unique and genuine. Entirely free of synthetic fragrances and materials, our hides have authentic leather backing, are hypoallergenic, and deter dust, pollen, and other irritants. We proudly offer a wide array of natural colours for our hides, ranging from rustic reddish-browns to elegant tans, cool greys to dazzling blacks, and every colour in between; from industrial through to traditional, you are sure to find a hide to suit any style of space.

All our calf hides are approximately 1m long by 0.9m, ideal for smaller spaces such as entryways, bedrooms, and studies.

Easy to care for, our hides can be vacuumed or shaken out to rid them of crumbs or dirt. For stains and spills, they can be gently spot-cleaned using a slightly damp sponge and left to dry. For more information on how to keep your hide in top shape, visit our Cleaning + Care page.


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