Cowhide Furniture Australia


Cowhide is becoming increasingly popular due to its fantastic qualities of being durable, long-lasting, hypoallergenic, as well as waterproof. Cowhide furniture is a great addition to any space, not just because of its investment properties, but because it has an alluring, naturistic appeal. The quality design of cowhide can add warmth to any space, and provide a much-needed relaxing vibrance to your home or office. Shop the most diverse and affordable range of cowhide furniture Australia has to offer at Izel Designs online.

Different Uses for Cowhide Furniture

When you invest in such a quality piece, whether it be a cowhide butterfly chair, a cowhide rug, or cowhide cushions, there are so many ways you can incorporate it into your interior design. Use your cowhide rug as a throw or hang it on the wall. Set up a reading nook with unique and contrasting cowhide chairs, or use cowhide cushions to accessorise any space that lacks texture. For more inspiration, read our blog, Different Uses For Your Cowhide.

Cowhide Furniture Australia

Izel Designs range of cowhide butterfly chairs are diverse, luxurious and eye-catchingly magnificent. Shop the entire range here, or see below for our all-time favourites. 


Speckle Cowhide Butterfly Chair


Brown & White Curly Cowhide Butterfly Chair


Brown & White Cowhide Butterfly Chair


Tricolour Cowhide Butterfly Chair


White Brown Speckle Cowhide Butterfly Chair


White Black Cowhide Butterfly Chair


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Izel Designs proudly offers the widest variety of cowhide rugs, cowhide furniture Australia, pillows, clutches, bags, hides and more Australia has to offer, delivered straight to your door. Shop more cowhide products online here.

We can also assist you in finding that perfect style product for your home, whether that's requesting a specific colour/size cowhide rug that we might not already have in stock! Please feel free to contact us for any enquiries as we are always happy to help.