Cleaning + Care


- Don't wash your hide in washing machines or get them dry cleaned.

- Vacuum/brush your cowhide to remove all dust and particles of dirt, always go in the direction of the hair and make sure the brushes aren't spinning on the vacuum.

- Avoid getting your cowhide wet or damp.

- For minor spills, soak up the excess with a damp (not too wet) sponge or paper towel with a soapy solution (do not use any alkaline soaps or shampoos), sundry or air dry.

- For major cleaning, you may steam clean the hide but do not soak the leather backing.

- Eucalyptus oil is thought to break down food or grease stains. If the stained area isn't budging, make sure you only use a small amount and avoid scrubbing the hide too much.

- Rotate your rug as it can gradually wear and tear over time; this will avoid it wearing unevenly and looking off-balanced.

- Don't forget to treat your rug with tender love and care, so it has a long and happy life.


- Wipe leather furniture down regularly with a clean, dry cloth to avoid dust building up.

- Vacuum the furniture with a smaller attachment.

- Immediately clean any spills with a dry cloth or sponge. Use as little water as possible to clean the spill and make sure you dry the area afterwards. The most important thing is to clean the spill quickly, so it doesn't have time to soak into the leather. It's always best to consult a professional if the stain is bad enough.

- Use cleaners and conditioners designed for leather and follow their instructions of use. They are always worth investing in to keep your furniture looking its best.

- Since leather is made of animal skin, do not position it directly next to a fireplace/heater, air condition vent or in direct sunlight (long term) as this can cause the leather to fade and even crack.



- For best results, spot clean using a damp cloth with fresh water only. Do not use any chemicals or detergents when doing so.

- Always allow it to air dry in a shady spot, as we recommend not to place a sheepskin that has been colour dyed in direct sunlight. The sun may cause it to fade and discolour the hide. Rest assured that no harmful AZO dyes have been used on your hide. It is completely safe for people, pets and the environment. 

- Keep your hide fluffy by brushing it. If the hide is in an area where it is sat on regularly, it can start to flatten over time. To avoid this from happening, we recommend you brushing and shaking the sheepskin periodically depending on its usage. Shaking the hide will also help it repel dirt and dust.