Are you looking for the perfect complement to your office? Do you want an eye-catching statement piece for your living space? Have you been searching for that extra touch of luxury in your bedroom? The perfect mix of opulence, durability, and style, our cowhide butterfly chairs are here to solve all of your decorating woes.

Sturdy and durable, our chairs are built to last. Our double-switched hides are supported by a steel rod, which is not only sleek and slim but is also powder-coated in satin black for a sophisticated and subtle finish. With elegance and ease in mind, our chairs are 0.7m wide by 0.9m tall and have been designed to fold down for easy assembly, storage, and transport.

We boast a large collection of entirely unique hides, each sourced from ethical and independent wholesalers based in South America. Natural deterrents of dust and pollen and entirely free of fragrance and chemicals, our hides are entirely hypoallergenic, making them perfect for any space and any occasion. Easy to care for, our hides can be vacuumed or shaken out to rid them of crumbs or dirt. For stains and spills, they can be gently spot-cleaned using a slightly damp sponge and left to dry. For more information on how to keep your hide in top shape, visit our Cleaning + Care.

Note that the maximum advised weight limit for our cowhide butterfly chairs is 130kg.

Please feel free to Contact Us for further enquires.