Different Uses For Your Cowhide

  • 4 min read

Now more than ever, a safe and calming domestic space is crucial to individual and family well-being. With many of us able to home only for the essentials - work, groceries, and exercise - it’s important that the space in which we spend so much time is in tune with our needs.

The importance of creating a safe environment within your home is paramount to your overall well-being. Anyone who has ever been unable to find a pair of clean pyjamas underneath their undone laundry pile or wished for the millionth time that they hadn’t gone with cream-coloured carpet can tell you: If your home isn’t a haven, it can be hectic. This is the first in our multi-part series on how to design the perfect space using leather and hide goods. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be discussing topics such as styling your hide products in different rooms, the importance of natural materials in your home, how to spot authentic products, the minor details that make major differences in texture and environmental grounding, and more.

A cowhide rug is the perfect piece for any space. Whether you’re adding a feature piece to your lounge room, warming up your bedroom, or creating an inviting entryway, the humble hide has your back. Bursting with potential, the sheer versatility and unique nature of a cowhide rug lends itself to becoming a valued family member for years to come. 

While cowhide rugs have long been a staple item for rustic and country-styled homes, these last few years have seen their popularity grow and their adaptability come to light. Whether you’re after a subtle and monochromatic touch of elegance or a bold and striking conversation-starter, we are confident that we have the right product for you. Just as we have patterns and colours to suit any palette, we also have a wide variety of sizes available to mesh in beautifully with any room in any way. Just like a little black dress, a cowhide rug can be adapted to whatever your need may be.

Let’s start with the most obvious use of a cowhide rug: a floor covering. Groundbreaking, no? But just like florals for spring, there’s a reason that it’s a classic - because it works. No matter what is underneath your rug - hardwood, tile, concrete, carpet, or even on top of another rug - or which room it is placed in, the natural patterns and colours will complement and off-set their surroundings. Cowhide can add warmth to a space, both visually and physically, and provide a much-needed sensory input at both levels. Even better? The upkeep and cleaning of cowhides can’t get much simpler, meaning you don’t have to visualise calm, blue oceans whenever a guest (or partner, or child...) forgets to take off their shoes before walking on through - check out our Cleaning + Care Page for more tips and tricks on this! Their durability is renowned and beats out many synthetic alternatives, meaning that our hides are perfect for those high-traffic areas.

With remarkable patterns and eye-catching colours of natural intensity, our hides are nothing less than works of art, each one unique. What better way to revel in a bit of luxury and show off your new piece in its forever home than by hanging it on the wall for everyone to see? Do keep in mind, though, that not all walls are made equal. Before diving in headfirst, consider the following: what are my walls made of? Is there structural support to which I can hang the brunt of the rug? Is the size of the wall suitable for the size of my hide? If the answer to all of these is yes, then go ahead! If you’ve come up short here, it might be worth considering one of our alternative uses for your beautiful piece.

Keep your friends close and your hides closer. Don’t limit your piece to being static - you can take it with you! Consider chucking your hide over the back of your couch, on the end of your bed, or across your ottoman. Adding layers to your pre-existing fabrics will create a sense of warmth and cosiness while maintaining an overall orderly presentation. Bonus? Depending on your style, you can switch up the colours, patterns, and fabrics to put out any vibes you want - from modern to boho, minimalist to maximalist, or simple to eclectic. 

Trends come and go, but quality is forever. If you feel like your hide needs a shake-up, try moving it from one use to another - that reading chair staple could look fantastic underneath your breakfast bench! Our cowhide rugs are so unique and inviting that they can be used in any room, in any space, in any way. 

Have you been dreaming of the perfect space for years and are finally ready to put it together? Are you winging it entirely and hoping for the best? Whether you’re at the starting line or seeking the perfect final touch, don’t worry - Izel Designs have the perfect product just waiting for you.