Cleaning, Care, and the Natural Appeal of your Cowhide Rug

  • 3 min read

We understand that your cowhide purchase isn’t just a transaction - it’s an investment.  We also understand that, prior to making an investment, it’s important to have a good understanding of the finer details; with that in mind, we’ve put together answers to some of our most frequently asked questions regarding the composition of and care for our products.


Our cowhide rugs are sourced from ethical, independent wholesalers in South America.  Being free of both chemicals and fragrance, they are a natural dream! House dust mites are the most common allergen source in Australia.  With an estimated 20% of the population suffering from allergies throughout the year, it is so important to choose furnishings and decorations for your home and business that minimise your discomfort while maximising your style.


That’s where our cowhide rugs come in.  Hypoallergenic, durable, and gorgeous, they are the perfect fit for any space.  This is a huge advantage when it comes to creating an environment that’s easy on both the eyes and the allergies; rugs and carpets with thick, synthetic fibres have been proven to trap various allergens, including pollen, dander, pet hair, and dust, which make their way through the air, onto our skin, and into our lungs.  Even daily vacuuming cannot totally eliminate traces of these nuisances, with an even higher concentration of irritation experienced throughout allergy season. Not only will you be breathing these nasties into your lungs, but anyone in direct contact with these textiles will be at a greater risk of skin irritation - needless to say, this is not ideal for infants, the elderly, or anyone with sensitivities! Cowhide rugs, however, are natural dust repellents and one hundred per cent hypoallergenic; whatever dust may settle within the fibres can be easily removed by a quick vacuum or shakeout. 


When vacuuming your rug, it’s important to remember to always move your appliance in the same direction as the hair.  Ensure that the brushes on the vacuum aren’t spinning, and don’t use too much force - treat your hide with TLC to keep it looking its best!  If something a  bit more dramatic than dust has hit your hide - a bit of wine sloshed over from girl’s night, mud from the kids boots, or a marking of territory from your furry friend, don’t panic - odds are, it will be fine!  It’s important to remember that your cowhide is an entirely natural product; it was designed to withstand an unsheltered life and has likely seen a lot worse than a clumsy moment with a full cup of coffee! Just as you wouldn’t chuck your best Royal Doulton dinner set through the carwash, don’t let your cowhide anywhere near a washing machine: any water that gets to the leather backing of the rug will considerably diminish its quality.  Soak up the excess liquid from minor spills using either a slightly damp sponge or a paper towel with a spot of soapy solution (NB: do not use any alkaline soaps or shampoos), then leave it to spot- or sun-dry. Eucalyptus oil, in small doses, is an incredibly effective method of breaking down food or grease stains; if you’ve had a major incident and all else fails, you are able to steam clean your hide with care.


With the perfect combination of easy maintenance, timeless elegance, and incredible quality, it’s easy to see why our cowhide rugs are naturally appealing in more ways than one.  Have you experienced the hypoallergenic benefits of your cowhide rug? We’d love to hear your story!